For years we’ve been thinking, dreaming and planning our YouTube channel! What’s stopped us?

Lack of gear, lack of time, lack of motivation?…Nope. Fear. All those other things are excuses we tell ourselves. Sure it can be hard to get started sometimes, you don’t have all the fancy equipment, you’re busy with family and life gets in the way. But the big thing for us (and most people) is actually having the confidence to push that big blue ‘PUBLISH’ button.

What if we’re rubbish?! What if everyone hates it?

Well, there’s a few things that have made us finally take the plunge.

One is being inspired by other creators, people sharing their amazing message with the world, I talking Yes Theory, Casey Neistat, Pure Living for Life…

Two is our need for epic amounts of creativity in our lives. We’re so excited about learning video editing, videography and storytelling.

I won’t ramble on, hopefully, our channel will speak for itself! So without further delay, here’s our first video! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE