How exactly did we end up living off the grid in Spain? Well, that’s a story we’re fond of and we’re so happy to share with you!

Leaving my 9-5, the rat race, whatever you want to call it, was never on my radar. I know so many people dream of leaving all the stress and daily grind to find something less mundane but at the time it just felt like something we all had to deal with. I felt the social pressures to keep my job. It wasn’t a bad job, not too high pressure, not too low pay but at the same time, it wasn’t really going anywhere.

So when the opportunity to do something different popped up, I didn’t hesitate.

I started working out how I could earn enough to pay my debt. I started selling all my stuff, it didn’t seem so useful at that moment! I got wrapped up in the idea of living a different way and since then we’ve been showing each other different ways we can think and live and love. Check out the video for our story