What is Getting the Good Life?

We always have grand plans and new projects, we have ideas and opportunities but the thought of actually getting everything we want isn't all that satisfying. What would we do once we got it? Well, find something else to work on and towards of course! In our latest...

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A Love Story – from 9-5 to the Countryside

How exactly did we end up living off the grid in Spain? Well, that's a story we're fond of and we're so happy to share with you! Leaving my 9-5, the rat race, whatever you want to call it, was never on my radar. I know so many people dream of leaving all the stress...

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We’re Finally on YouTube

For years we've been thinking, dreaming and planning our YouTube channel! What's stopped us? Lack of gear, lack of time, lack of motivation?...Nope. Fear. All those other things are excuses we tell ourselves. Sure it can be hard to get started sometimes, you don't...

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How we Quit our Jobs and Ended up Off-Grid

Normal’ life didn’t seem very easy at the time and since moving off-grid we’ve faced many challenges that make me believe that this life we have chosen is the harder of the two. But normal didn’t offer the kind of happiness, excitement and peace that we’ve found in our off-grid lifestyle. It didn’t offer the time we crave with each other or our children. Here’s how we did it!

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6 Ways to Save the Veg Patch from Toddlers – Gardening with Kids

Many people ask me how I get anything done in the garden with my kids in tow. The truth is it’s not easy, takes more time and can be stressful. But it’s not impossible and most of the time it’s a lot of fun for all of us.

We came up with a few good strategies for keeping the kids happy, making the garden a place they want to be and saving our precious vegetables from the path of destruction a toddler can cause.

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