Tiny houses are often considered a radical way of living for couples or singles but there are a great number of people living with kids in tinee tiny homes and that includes us folks at Getting the Good Life.

Since we lived on a very small sailing boat together for a few years we knew that tiny house living would be easy for us as a couple. Doing it with kids seems like something that should take a lot of thought and planning but from the beginning, we knew that it would be just fine. We were right most of the time and wrong sometimes about this of course!

Our house is 20m2 plus a small crawlable mezzanine where we all sleep together and store as much stuff as possible. We’ve been living in a tiny house with kids for over two years; our oldest was 6 months old when we moved in and the new addition is now 9 months. Both children love tiny house living and the benefits for them are huge.

8 Great Things About Tiny House Living with Kids

1. A mountain of time together

Our tiny house affords us an amazing amount of time together as a family. We cook, eat, sleep, play, read, dance, sing and work in our one-room home. Our relationship with each other and our kids is fantastic as we complete all of our day-to-day together.

2. Keeping an eye on kids is easy

It’s so easy to watch over the little ones and let them enjoy free play around the house. This became crystal clear to me a few months ago when we were playing with the kids at a friends’ house, I was constantly searching for one or the other that had crawled or toddled out of view and I realised that our tiny house was so much easier for knowing exactly where they are.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

3. Small houses are easy to clean

Our house is sooo quick and easy to clean. So long as everything has a place it takes no time at all to stow it all away and clean up the place. However, if you have not downsized your stuff enough for your available storage you’ll have a little problem! We have a number of things that don’t have a home in our place and that’s a challenge but for the most part cleaning is easier than it would be in a larger house and we accept that there are a few things we have to shuffle around to sweep the floor.

4. Easy to heat and power

We heat our space with a small wood burner. It’s very quick to heat up so we don’t burn a lot of wood or have to install and maintain a large heating system. We have plenty of land so wood is readily available and free. We like free! Our electricity is provided through a small solar system that meets our needs most days. We have a washing machine and fridge but have to observe certain rules about when to do laundry.

5. Tiny house living encourages lots of outdoor play

Living in a tiny home encourages plenty of outdoor play and enables our kids to engage with nature on a daily basis. They’re naturally drawn to the outdoors and couldn’t be happier building with stones or digging in the mud. Our daughter is obsessed with identifying plants at just two-years-old and since our situation encourages outdoor activities we embrace the opportunities for creative learning that come with it.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

6. Minimising and simplifying our lives

Getting rid of stuff is hugely liberating and a great way to get a little more control in these messy times we live in. As a couple we are natural collectors but our tiny home makes us say no to plenty of stuff we’re offered and forces us to have a clear out often.

We’re not always well behaved and sometimes we just can’t resist that super handy thing someone is giving away. If you’re tempted by hoarding but want to give tiny house living a try make sure you have extra storage near your property.

7. Tiny house living is cheap

Tiny house living is very cost effective, not only are the bills cheaper, we only pay 20€ per month for our lightning fast internet connection, but the rent is likely to be low or non-existent. This is great if you are putting all your money into a bigger building project or into experiences like travelling with your kids.

8. Life is better with a bit of ingenuity

One of my favourite things about living in a small space is the opportunity to get creative with almost every aspect of daily life. Once you’ve minimised your belongings you’ll need to make sure the things you’ve kept are multi-purpose or that you can make or repurpose whatever you need. There’s a great sense of satisfaction in being able to make this kind of environment work for your family and seeing everyone thrive.